Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tankless Water Heater

Why is our tankless water heater superior to all other electric tankless water heaters?

First, ours is the only electric tankless water heater, which enjoys a patented power sharing distribution method for activating the heating elements. This method allows each one of a multiple of heating elements to simultaneously provide substantially equal amounts of heat to the fluid as it flows through the heat exchanger. Other systems activate the elements individually to full power one after another, which creates hot spots in the heating chamber particularly at shut down. These hot spots literally boil the minerals out of the water creating excessive mineral buildup and discharge. This sequential activation used by other heaters also loads (works) certain heating elements more than others resulting in early failures.
Second, our tankless water heater is the only one that controls power to the elements in a very unique and patented power-modulating pattern. This feature insures that the use of our tankless heater does not inherently create disturbance (flicker) in the lighting circuits. This is very important since the proper temperature control for electric tankless heaters depends on modulating or instantaneously varying the power to high wattage heating elements. Without the our tankless heater's patented control, one can experience lights that flicker in the same fashion as if you were at your thermostat rapidly flipping the air conditioner or electric heating off and on. It should be remembered that in any application the electrical service to the building should be properly sized to accommodate the addition of all major electrical appliances including. Some rural residences, even those that don't have electric water heaters, experience light flicker even from hair dryers as a result of inadequate or improperly designed electrical service to the house.